IPA-D.com Independent Photometric Application - Design

Charles Loch Memorial Award Winner 2011

IPA-D.com and Joe Frey was named the 2011 Charles Loch Memorial Award Winner!
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We will never knowingly provide application services or design to any customer for a project that we have already provided to another. Due to this commitment we may need to politely decline to provide application services on given projects. Further we will keep all working project information confidential at least till such a time when that project has been completed.

IES Formatted Photometrics:

IPA-D.com will not create or change any manufacturer's photometric files without the written consent of the manufacturer. Even with such consent IPA-D.com will not create files from files of different lamp sources or envelope sizes.

In keeping with this policy IPA-D.com will not knowingly use manufacturer's files that do not comply with the policy.

For further Policy and Fee information please submit a written request via email to [Info@IPA-D.com].